Craig Getty

Craig Getty Decorative Painting

Custom painting and faux finish painting
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Craig Getty

Craig's career as a painting contractor, which began in 1981, was developed through his study of engineering and application of numerous trades, including serving an apprenticeship in carpentry.

By 1987, after hundreds of hours of study and practice, Craig confidently and actively settled into the art of faux finish.

His experience provides Craig's clients with a unique hybrid:  a master faux finisher, custom painter and muralist, with a thorough understanding of all aspects of the construction trade.

In addition to providing the highest quality custom paint product/finish for his clients, Craig is qualified to manage a construction project from start to finish.
From carpentry to drywall to stone, he is experienced with a multitude of materials and is comfortable working with and around contractors, providing efficiency, value and savings to clients.

Craig has traveled extensively throughout Italy, as a student of his craft, Italian art, history and architecture, and to savor the exquisite food.

Wherever he goes, his keen eye and appreciation of classical design and artistry add to his collective knowledge of the craft of faux finish.

Because he is a perfectionist, Craig is known for his meticulous attention to detail. Coupled with his strong work ethic and commitment to absolute customer satisfaction, working with Craig is a decision you can and will feel confident in making.